May 4, 2012

Black Love: Interview with Love Addiction's Dr. Alduan Tartt

By Tatianah Green

Me and Dr. Tartt at his ATL office, excuse the shininess lol

 While in Atlanta recently I had the pleasure to sit down and chat with relationship expert, author, and clinical psychologist Dr. Alduan Tartt. Below is part one of our discussion and Monday I will post the second part for you to check out.

Dr. Tartt is also one of three specialists helping couples in the brand new show on TV One called Love Addiction. Check out the latest episode below and catch Dr. Tartt and his fellow specialists help love addicted men and women find their way out of their mess every Wednesday night on TV One.

Check back with B.L.I.S.S. on Monday for Dr. Tartt's love testimony, what keeps marriages together, and misconceptions between the sexes! His book, The Ring Formula, is in stores and online now.

Check out the latest episode of Love Addiction


 About the show: Love Addiction focuses on saving troubled men and women from their toxic relationships - through an intervention by the people who care most about them.  In each of these cases, friends and family can be cut off if they say something critical; or be forced to watch silently while someone they love goes through hell.

Under the premise of doing a documentary on relationships, the couples’ relationship patterns are captured on camera. Then a formal intervention is planned. Ultimately the love addicted man or woman will have to make the choice: whether to break off the relationship or return to their bad love leaving their family behind.  Will the loved one break it off and chart a new path? Can they stay away from the toxic relationship?  The series shares their decision and then checks back 30 days later to see if they’ve freed themselves or fallen back into the negative relationship.

Therapists and relationship experts help the love addicted and their families deal with these crises, including psychologist Dr. Alduan Tartt, parenting, teen and relationship expert and author of author of The RING FORMULA: How To Be The Only One He Ever Needs; and personal growth and relationship expert Hasani Pettiford, author of Black Thighs, Black Guys & Bedroom Lies.


  1. Great interview Tati, you guys hit on some good topics. Next interview sit next to the person and closer to the mic. but overall it was wonderful. Yvette, Dody and your Dad!

  2. Good for you tati!! you are so driven and professional, great interview and great website!!!

  3. Great interview and great topic focusing on love addiction. I think this is very timely because a lot of people are still not aware of this type of addiction and don't even know that they're suffering from it! Thank you!