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3 reasons to be unapologetic about your travel season

I’ve been out and about a lot lately, and from family to coworkers I get asked: “Where are you going to next?” And to have an answer for them is a blessing. I love to travel; I don’t get to do it enough! I’m pretty sure that it was a word spoken to me about this year, but since May I’ve been on a plane and in a new place every month until October.

So when I’m asked about my travels I want to answer with confidence because I’m doing something that I’ve always wanted to do. But for some reason, I get tempted to feel guilty about it.

How can you feel guilty about doing something you want to do?

Perhaps it’s a mix of people pleasing and not putting emphasis on self care and rest. But to me, living unapologetically in your single season has purpose attached to it.

There’s joy, purpose, adventure, growth in the process, and I don’t want to dim my light for anyone’s opinions or my overthinking of other people’s perceptions.

Getting to travel when you want is not the only plus for single folks. We can enjoy many benefits of living single and not having to diminish it for people because God makes the way, not man.

But this post is about the unapologetic travels that you should take in your single season. You can go solo and single, or with family or with a group. The point is to go! I was a shut-in last year working on my book, so now that it’s published I have more time to travel more within reason. I have to pay for these trips; there is no sugar daddy, lol! I have to work for my days off, and I only had one sponsored trip by the grace of God! Other than that it’s about what you budget and actually making the plans to go.

Here are three reasons why you need to travel unapologetically in your single season:

Travel to learn

BLISSforSingles Pinky Promise Conference 2017 Atlanta

Me and my cousin Sierrah and sis in Christ Russelyn at the Pinky Promise Conference

We will always be students in this life, so travel to learn something new. I attended the Pinky Promise Conference for the first time in July and learned some major keys about marriage, purpose and more. I’ll share that in another post, but the point is you can travel to learn something. Go out of state for a conference regarding your personal life or business to learn new skills and expand your network. To me that’s a great way to make positive connections with people across the country and world.

Travel to reflect

BLISSforSingles travel tuesday Negril Jamaica

Jamaican sunset in Negril 

When you travel take the time to reflect. With so much going on at life at home, you may not realize how good you really have it. I went to Jamaica last week with my family and I’m so grateful to God for the life I have. We don’t know how blessed we are until we see how others have to live. Be grateful for where you are and trust the Lord to show you what He has in store for you.

Travel to live

Negirl Jamaica Ricks cafe cliff jumping

Cliff diving in Negril, Jamaica

There’s so much more to life than the routine things. It’s good to be grateful for these things, but getting away to challenge your way of thinking and doing things keeps your mind sharp and stretches you in many ways.

This life is a vapor; you want to take the chance to go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go before it’s too late. Travel to live in the shoes of another person and gain some more empathy. Travel to live in another culture and widen your scope. Travel to live and taste how others drink and eat. I missed my chicken wings from the Chi but I wasn’t thinking about those when I had curried goat and jack fruit!

So what are you waiting for? It may be your season to save up or your season to travel, but get ready to go somewhere. There are so many options to learn, reflect and live outside of your hometown or state.

Where are you planning to go this year or upcoming in 2018?

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  1. Kristin

    These were great points! I definitely travel for all these reasons! I’m headed to Detroit for a conference this month and then Dubai in November! Trying to be like you! Lol

  2. Christine Idokogi Ebie

    Love this post regarding traveling with purpose as a single! Great job!

  3. Nadine

    This is so reaffirming for me and nothing but the truth! God also had to remind me to not apologize for enjoying the opportunities to travel and doing right by myself by practicing self care.

  4. Renee Jackson

    I loved this read. I’m always so encouraged by your life. I’m single at 58, and really don’t think about being in relationship with anyone other than, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It’s the number one relationship in my life. If He chooses to send me someone, I know that it will be someone who is after the love of God, and seek to do His will. I don’t know what that will look like, as it’s different for every person. In the mean time, I’ll continue to receive God’s love for me, and practice giving it back. I love to travel, but have not made time for it. This article has encouraged me to save for my travel, budget wisely, and to continue to develop my generating streams of income. Thank you so much Tatiana. Out of the mouth of babe, God has perfected praise. God bless you always, my dear!

  5. Joanna

    Love this! I travel often and people always try to make it seem like it’s a bad thing, but I’m doing what I want to do. Ok I don’t have a car, I live a bus ride away from the airport, the train is walking distance and I’ll barely use it. What sense does it make to buy and do things that have no use for me? Enjoy the travel season whether its solo, with friends or family. It’s very fulfilling for me. I’ve done 5 trips for the year so far, but I’m going to Morocco in a few weeks, Miami for a conference and back to the Bahamas for a cruise. I seriously can’t wait cuz I’ve been home ALL summer. lol

  6. Nina Lum

    This is great. I love to travel but frequently feel guilty about it. It’s irrational but I’m learning to embrace opportunity.

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