Black Love & Inspiration for Saved Singles


B.L.I.S.S. {Black Love & Inspiration for Saved Singles} is a site created to discuss Black Love today and inspire Christian singles to be the best in their romantic relationships through embracing their most important relationship-with Jesus Christ.

Editor in Chief Tatianah Green is a young woman who is passionate about relationships and seeing individuals uplifted in love. Born and raised in the Chicagoland area, Tatianah has always had a talent for writing, interviewing, and various expressions of creativity. Creating a website magazine about singles, dating, and relationships came from a desire to see the increase in marriages thrive, particularly in the African American community. With two thirds of African American children living in single parent homes, she aspires to break the cycle by increasing awareness on developing healthy and happy romantic relationships. One of the goals of the website is to encourage singles to become better partners to their mates and create long lasting marriages.

Tatianah knows this all too well. Since her parents divorced when she was young, she considered that time to be the most traumatic to her life. Harboring all kinds of hurt and trust issues, she was able to break away from those feelings and gave more of her energy into serving God. She has been a guest speaker for the New Woman Ministries Inc. Women’s Conference since 2009, encouraging women young and old to not give in to doubt, find their voice, and to stay on the right path in relationships.

Since its launch in January 2012, Tatianah has garnered much attention to her site and has interviewed several public figures including clinical psychologist Dr. Alduan Tartt, Lamar Tyler of Tyler New Media LLC, Kenny Pugh, Fiana Andrews of Approach2Link, Pierre Jeanty of LifeDictionary & Gentlemenhood, and more. Tatianah’s work can be found on, theWirehangerbyWinnie, Culture & God, and more. Her future goals are to publish a monthly print magazine for B.L.I.S.S. as well as an interactive digital copy. “I strive to create content that promotes positive relationships and long lasting marriages with a focus on the Black Christian/Urban Faith community.”






Tatianah has released her first book for single women of faith approaching age 30 and beyond.

“Life comes with plenty of deadlines: driver’s license by 16, college degree by 21, and marriage and kids by 30. Our society has set these deadlines and many women feel that if their ‘by 30’ deadline is not reached, then they are behind and off track.

But life is a beautiful journey and what you accomplish by the big 3-0 should consist of goals driven by faith, not hurdles put by the world. In her book, Journey to 30, Tatianah sheds light on societal, family, and self-imposed expectations through transparent stories from 10 real women of God to help you find wholeness and unapologetic contentment for each season of your life.

If you’ve been yearning to deepen your relationship with God, yourself and those around you, you are not alone.

God desires for us all to not be afraid to gracefully move from our twenties into our thirties. There is insight on purpose, finances, singlehood, relationships and more that will help you embrace your age with joy, faith, and the Lord’s favor.”

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