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10 ways to go from broken to your best life in 2018

For many of us, we have experienced some form of brokenness, but when we aspire to have the best, our past and even present may make it seem like that’s unattainable. But as I learned this week:

You play a major role in your success and your breakthroughs.

That’s why I took initiative to not only support the #BreakTheCycle Challenge, but to join it myself. Each session revealed something new to me to change my outlook on relationships, love, finances, identity and family dysfunction. That last one is a biggie for me because I was aware of my family cycles for a while, but I didn’t go into detail with the root issues or how to annihilate them for good and my future because I didn’t know how.

I think this is where many of us can get caught in broken cycles in our lives because we do not know of them or how to get out of them. But thankfully, there are ways for you and I to break out of these cycles for good and to be free from what’s been affecting us for so long.

Here are my top ten takeaways from the Break the Cycle Challenge:

  1. Addressing how I’ve entertained toxic relationships and how I’ve contributed to toxic relationships
  2. Taking responsibility for my freedom. “The cost of freedom is responsibility.” -Apostle Bryan Meadows
  3. Falling out of agreement with what was negatively said about me
  4. Uncovering secrets and understanding that a stronghold is a mentality
  5. Understanding that what I allow to be bound by today could affect my future children
  6. Knowing God’s truth about prosperity being more than just money. “It pleases God to see you prosper!” Prophetess Kisha Cephus
  7. How to properly take a prophetic word and apply it to my life
  8. Learning over again how to receive love and give love God’s way
  9. Divorcing the ideas I had about how marriage is “supposed to be” that weren’t in line with God’s word
  10. Practical ways to walk out my deliverance in my mindset, time with God, and actions

Living your best life doesn’t have to just be a phrase to say, but to truly live out.

This challenge has been beneficial to me, so I am definitely pumped for The Online Singles Conference coming up on March 9-10. I encourage you all to register for this conference early, invite a trusted friend or accountability and do the work! This year’s theme is all about becoming the king or queen that you’re destined to be.

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  1. Janice

    Defitnely words to live by. Great article. Number 8 resonates volumes for me.

  2. Teeara

    Love this! “Addressing how I entertained toxic relationships and how I’ve contributed to toxic realarionships” this one hit me !

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