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Hope for the hidden single woman

Remember that prayer you prayed to God X amount of years ago about what you wanted in a mate?

Or when you went to that singles conference or meeting and joined the altar call because you still believe in God’s best for you?

Or when you made a stand in faith that this was the last generation in your family to experience the bad habits of broken relationships?

We tend to forget all of those moments when we face times of uncertainty, frustration, loneliness, doubt, etc. God is faithful and He hasn’t run out of faithfulness to you. God hears the prayers of His children, and if you have been seeking Him for an answer regarding your situation, be still and patient for His response.

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I remember I prayed several times before for the Lord to hide me from the wrong ones and prepare me for my future husband. Little did I know this was going to be more challenging than I thought. It challenges my will, the desires of my heart, my intentions, my patience.

So when we pray for the Lord to hide us, we gotta be okay with Him hiding us.

I mean, this sounds easy when some random who bugs you is in your inbox. But not so much when you’re on day 107 of being “hidden” and you see someone cute and you’re thinking: “Okay God did You see this one? You can ‘unhide’ me now!” (LOL).

God is hidin’ and blockin’ because He’s actively working on us for what He’s called us to, in the process developing our trust in Him, discipline, patience, faith, discernment and other fruits of the Spirit. He’s hiding us for the appointed time to meet/realize the person He has in store for us.

And another reminder: just because He’s hiding you, doesn’t mean He’s forgotten about you. The enemy uses our circumstances, the time we’ve waited and our emotions to convince us that hiding is the same thing as putting on a shelf to collect dust. You’re being reserved by God, which what I wrote more about for Black and Married With Kids.

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This beautiful song by Kirk Franklin came to mind regarding this post. Take a listen and be okay with being covered, hidden and protected by the Father. As it says in the lyrics: “You love me too much to give me too much.” May this season you and I be content in being hidden by the One who knows when it’s best to be revealed.


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  1. Randie

    So friend is literally going through something so similar. She called me in deep frustration about being hidden. I asked her what type of friend she wanted me to be, haha. Did I need to play the keep allowing yourself to be hidden card or do you card. lol. It made her laugh, and she decided to keep sticking it out. This post is real, because it does get hard. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Keisha

    Thank you so much for the reminder! We need it from time to time! Waiting for GOD’S BEST is what I am choosing, it will be worth itπŸ’ͺπŸ’œ

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