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New year, new car? 3 tips to achieve your 2018 car goals

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Are you getting a start on your 2018 goals yet? After a few too many instances with my car this year alone, I’m open to getting a┬ásafer and more up to date vehicle for next year.

As someone who sees vehicles as liabilities, I’m pretty open to getting a used car again.

My challenges in achieving this goal next year including confirming a consistent budget and finding the right vehicle. Here are some valuable tips that I’ve been putting into practice thanks to

1. Assess what you currently have.

Whether you’re car-free right now or have a car you’re looking to trade in, it’s necessary to evaluate your current transportation status. If you need a car, what kind will you need? How often will you be driving, how many people do you have in your car (kids, carpooling)? How much are you currently paying for transportation (include current car payments, insurance, maintenance, gas, parking costs)?

Don’t forget the big question: what’s your new car budget? Consider what you are willing to pay per month for a new or used car, down payments, and how long do you want to pay a note, etc. Thinking about these questions will help you get in a serious mindset to reach your 2018 goal.

2. Get the most out of money.

In the previous point I mentioned that if you want to trade in your car for a new one, you can lower your out-of-pocket costs for the down payment with the value of your current car. I had no idea what my current car was worth until I used for a free estimate.

The “My Car Value Estimator” tool allows you to get a quote for your car’s specific make and model, and insight on what you can get for this car to put towards the new car.

Also consider lowering your car payments with the right payment plan whether through a financial service such as a credit union or through a low interest rate auto loan. The options are many if you’re open to researching.

3. Don’t hesitate!

Many times we don’t meet our personal goals because we feel defeated from too much hesitation. If you do the needed work to get this new car, consider your options and solidify a budget, you will meet your goal. has plenty of resources to help car buyers and sellers have a low stress experience. Car shopping should be stress and hassle free.

This post is going to keep me accountable to do what I said in faith will happen in my 2018. The Word says that faith without works is dead, so when it comes to getting a new car stay prayerful and get prepared today for a better tomorrow.

What’s a 2018 goal that you’re working on now? Share below!

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