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Single Life: When waiting is a ministry

Sometimes we can look at our season of singleness as a time-out sentence or punishment. That waiting for long periods of time is all our fault and that the time in this season is purposeless. That’s far from the truth! Waiting on God or waiting to be married can be hard at times, but those hard times are not just for us to mature and grow our trust in God (I know this well), it’s to minister to others too.

Yvonne Orji is a recent example that there’s purpose in waiting and living single. The Nigerian American actress is 33, saved and a virgin. In this day and age she’s a “unicorn,” but of course there are folks who aren’t feeling her stance. I won’t waste my time looking up those comments because persecution is inevitable in this walk. But there are so many others who are being blessed by her decision to wait and to wait for marriage:

Yvonne Orji Twitter

After listening to one couple’s testimony including a woman who waited til 36 when she got married to have sex, these questions came to mind:

What if your wait pointed people to Christ?

What if how you waited for your future spouse got more love, respect and honor than a proposal video or wedding photo?

What if your choice to wait and not settle for less inspired others of the opposite sex to do the same?

What if you being single right now was the best thing for your future spouse? (Selah on that one)

What if we celebrated with people who chose to do things God’s way as they prepare in their single season for marriage?

What if God has a beautiful purpose all along regarding your wait for marriage?

For those who desire the marry, the answer to the last one is easy: He does! God is sovereign and wiser than all of us, He is the author of our lives and love story. Truly embracing that gives me so much ease when I question my wait.

God reminds me of a beautiful future and I tear up at the glimpse of what’s to come. But right now, in this season, my decision to wait is ministering to someone. And yours can too when you lay your plans down at His feet.

For instance, part of my purpose in waiting was to inspire other women to live unapologetically. I was recently interviewed by Get Far Magazine on my book Journey to 30 and the book’s connection to my purpose.

God can use your wait in many ways to reach others. Be encouraged and ask the Lord to reveal to you the purpose in your wait and what it means for others.

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