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Sis, your husband is not in the #BeardGameMatters group

Last week thousands of women and men joined a social media group to praise and lust after men with beautiful facial hair. Ladies, I get it, I like men with beards as well. But something about the posts bothered my spirit and I was reminded of my own future husband.

“It’s just entertainment,” one would say, but do you need to entertain it? It may provide some temporary enjoyment for the flesh, but lust doesn’t just go away that easily.

Lust latches onto whoever it can and pulls you into a pit of quicksand that desires more and more of you: your mind, your body, your resources, until you’re totally consumed.

This is why God doesn’t want us to “entertain” lustful things, on social media or offline. His word says that we should avoid even the slightest hint of sexual immorality (Ephesians 5:3).

How do I know my husband is not on a site like that to be lusted after? Because I pray for the Lord to keep him from temptation and situations that would do harm to his character. So if I wouldn’t want to see him there, why would I, his future wife, be there? I know for sure there are women who would be upset if they knew their men were on groups or sites looking at other women in an ungodly way.

We should be actively working on what we are praying for our future spouses to have or be.

For instance I’m saving myself for marriage, so I’m praying that my husband is living in purity as well and not out here doing the most and acquiring soul ties that I’ll have to deal with later.

If anything, this post is about being intentional on living pure before God and being a faithful spouse before we get married. So by faith, I pray that your husband is not in the beard group. Shoot, he may not even have a beard! As much as we are encouraged to pray for our future spouses, it’s wise for us to live up to the standards that  we are praying our future spouses to have.

Shout out to the several brothers and sisters in Christ in my social circle who have spoken out about this already and who are actively taking a stand for purity! These are challenging times for all of us in the Body of Christ; don’t give the enemy an entryway into your life through meaningless entertainment. Be on guard and faithful in this season.

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  1. Christian Cashelle

    I joined and left the same day for this very reason. I was quickly convicted and I definitely agree with this article. Not to judge anyone in the group, just knew it wasn’t for me and my future husband. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Diva with Depression

    The beard situation has gotten way out of control. lol.
    I love your commitment and perspective.

  3. Kristin

    I was so lost with the group! We form a group for everything! LOL…But you are so right! I’ve been on my dating fast and God continues to remind of staying pure, staying focused, and staying close to Him…. no distractions! and many of these groups tend to do just that….distract!

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