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What I learned when I took 4 years to be alone

I haven’t been in a romantic relationship in 4 years. This was an intentional time for me because back then I made a decision to say “no” to settling for less than I deserved. Any one of us could simply “end our singleness” and be in a relationship or just get married, but that’s not what I wanted for myself.

I didn’t want to be in an unequally yoked relationship, drawn by my brokenness and unaddressed wounds. I wanted something different than what I’ve experienced before and what I was praying for. And that meant learning to be alone for a while. As the years went by I was alone, lonely at times, but not isolated from people. I’ve had plenty of memories made with my friends and family over this time.¬†Since then I’ve tried to date with purpose, with God leading me and His Spirit correcting me along the way.

In the midst of the wait I found purpose and identified why the process is worth it.

Part of the process is learning about yourself and your background/past to see if there are any patterns in your dating habits or the type of people that you date. There are just some things that we will learn in each season: while we are single (alone), single in dating, and in a relationship.

So here we are in 2018 and in my process of becoming a better woman of God and future wife, I’m determined to rid my life of any broken habit or destructive cycle that would dare try to interrupt what God has planned for me. I’m honored to partner with the amazing people at MarriedandYoung for a new challenge that’s going to impact this and the next generation.

By signing up for the free Break The Cycle 4-day challenge, you will be empowered and equipped to identify cycles in your past and allow Jesus to break them once and for all. I believe this is possible when we take the time in our single season, where we are least distracted, to identify our past in order to make decisions for a better future.

The 4 day challenge is available to men and women, learn more and sign up before it starts soon!

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  1. Kiaire Duclos

    I enjoyed reading this article. I may need to take the same time to examine my past relationships in detail.

  2. krissy

    I am on a similar journey, I realized getting to know you and bettering yourself is necessary. Great post and I wish you the best and I know God lead you down the right path.

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