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That #Suddenly Love: Jordin Sparks and Dana Isaiah married and expecting!

Photo: Jordin Sparks Instagram

“I’m the most content I’ve ever been in my life,” shared Jordin Sparks, songstress recently shared that she’s not only married to her husbae Dana Isaiah, but they are expecting their first child next year!

This all seems sudden, and to many it is, since the pair met this past February, eloped in Hawaii in mid-July, and found out in late August that they were pregnant. It’s a beautiful surprise to many who were rooting for the Christian singer. She’s been in relationships before with celebs like Jason Derulo, almost making it to marriage, but it simply was not it. However with Dana Isaiah, Jordin shared that she knew he was her husband right away:

Entrepreneur and influencer Tiphani Montgomery shared on Periscope in July about God doing things quickly for His children. “Suddenly miracles, suddenly promotions, suddenly marriages, and even more “suddenlys” in people’s lives.

“A suddenly marriage being too fast? It can be, but not when it’s God…When it’s ordained by God, men of God don’t need to think twice or three times about if that’s their wife or not.” -Tiphani Montgomery

This was a reminder that God does things in His timing and not on our timeline and how we see things. We consistently praise God for a suddenly in our life, but when it comes, we doubt it because it came “too fast.” Well what do you want, baby?┬áListen to Tiphani’s ‘scope on that topic because it was so dope and will recharge your faith in this season!

Congrats and many blessings to Jordin, Dana and their growing family. God is faithful to go beyond what we expect, expect and trust Him to always come through for you!

Has God done something suddenly for you this year? Share your testimony below!

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  1. Russelyn

    This was an awesome article. It helps to build our faith for what God is going to do. Yes! I am believing God for suddenly blessings all next year. It is the year of exceleration for God’s people! Praise God!

  2. Tiffany

    I definitely believe in suddenly blessings. If you take the time to repair (if needed) and prepare then when you’re ready it will happen. Stories like these remind you about how God can move. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nina Lum

    Such great encouragement ! Happy for her.

  4. Randie

    Ah! I love Jordin. I’m so happy for her. Thanks for this write-up.

  5. Shevante

    This is beautiful! Tatianah, May you blog your thoughts about elopement?

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