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Relationship with God

No filter: the truth on facing your pain while moving forward

By Lynnette Easter

As we embark upon this journey called life, all of us have faced some challenges and encounters that have grazed the surface of our spirits. We also have faced challenges and encounters that have dug deep into the very core of our souls.

Screams and shrieks escape as the words erupt like a volcano: How do I go about living as a royal when my heart has been mishandled and returned back to me mangled?!

Maybe you are a person who controls friendships and relationships in your life. Death may have been the determining factor of your pain. Divorce may be the culprit of your pain. Perhaps abandonment is the cause of your pain. Whatever your situation is that resulted in the hurt and pain in your life, the aforementioned question is a valid inquiry that can be answered once you remove your facade.

People do hurt us and circumstances in life can bring us to our lowest.

Your refusal to deal directly with your pain and anything else surrounding it is hindering you from living. Worrying about how outsiders and onlookers perceive you leads to a point of no return and will ultimately consume you. As you maintain your presentation of being the person who ‘has it all together,’ you will begin to believe your own lie until it becomes your new way of life.

Your refusal to deal directly with your pain and anything else surrounding it is hindering you from living. Click To Tweet

Oh, you may have done a tremendous job of hiding your hurt and pain out of plain sight, however, it has not dissipated. It is prevalent and very much active in your life, in spite of you keeping it concealed. Maintaining a facade is an extremely hard task for everyone living in that manner and comes with a price. As time goes by, walking with your head up high becomes extremely difficult for you. Eventually, your make-believe world will plunge you into a place where you become unrecognizable to yourself.

Being a Christian does not exempt nor give you immunity from the pain brought about from the storms of life. The “Hallelujah’s”, “I know you will heal me” and “Lord I trust You’s” that you release to God is not enough. Praising and worshiping God, quoting scriptures and binding satan in an effort to experience freedom from your pain is not enough. It is about that secret place, the place lodged in the crevices of your soul that houses the metastasizing force in your life. Keeping that secret place off limits from yourself and God will harm you tremendously.

You will never be the queen that God has destined you to be by denying that your heart has been mishandled and returned to you mangled.

Why? Because you refuse to be honest. 

Drop the facade. Open up your heart. Delve into that secret place and pray! Unfiltered cries of honesty is what God wants to hear proceeding from your lips. This allows you to go through the process and heal—not alone—but the appropriate way: with God’s help! Your pain becomes stepping stones leading you into your future because instead of wallowing in it and overlooking it, you trust El Shaddai to bring you through it. This is how you are able to live your life as a royal in the midst of your storm and thereafter.

In spite of, you survived. You are not defined by your pain or anything you face in life.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 NIV

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  1. Ashley

    Amen! This is Deep! I love it!

  2. Jailyn

    GIRL!!!! This is exactly what I needed to read. Clear, concise, and yelling straight at me.

    Thank you so much for your transparency!

  3. Charli

    Thank you for this! It is important to release and move on!

  4. Tiffany

    Couldn’t love this anymore! It definitely isn’t easy to acknowledge your pain but until you do, you will be held captive by it. Such a great read and necessary for all!

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